XANGO™ Reserve

XANGO Reserve offers a truly uncommon experience as the premium partner to the world’s most popular mangosteen product—XANGO™ Juice. Drawing on those years of experience, the Founders borrowed from their signature formula and reinvented it. Even the most sophisticated palate will appreciate Reserve’s nuanced aroma and taste. Bright without being overly sweet, its unique flavor is incredibly smooth and complex.

Previously found only in the private pantries of our Founders, Reserve is now available to those seeking an even more refined mangosteen experience. Reserve is perfect for special occasions. Break it out for a celebration, share a bottle with someone extra-special, or serve it to impress an important prospect. When you really want to make a statement, XANGO Reserve is sure to allure.

While supported by the same science and research as the original XANGO Juice, Reserve’s higher mangosteen concentration naturally offers an even greater amount of phytonutrients. The enhanced formula creates a new flavor, but the wellness delivered by mangosteen’s natural compounds remains in force. Think of Reserve as greatness refined.