XANGO Meal Pack

XANGO Meal Pack Distribution Map
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Meals sold to Date:

El Salvador

Meal Packs have been distributed to support school feeding programs in Guatajigua and other villages in northeast El Salvador.


Meal Packs have been used as a nutritional supplement, bolstering an existing vitamin program, which helps strengthen pregnant women, infants and children in the villages of Nkawkaw and nine other surrounding areas.


Meal Packs have been distributed to support orphanage and school feeding programs mainly in areas affected by recent hurricanes around Port au Prince and also in the farming belt of central Haiti.


Meal Packs have been distributed to support feeding programs in refugee camps near Kisumu.


Meal Packs have been distributed to provide food and medical supplies to tens of thousands in the Irrawaddy Delta, who lost their homes and livelihoods because of Cyclone Nargis.


Meal Packs have been distributed to support medical and feeding programs in rural villages and health clinics.


Thanks to the generosity of XANGO Distributors in making this program possible, XANGO has already donated more than 700,000 pounds of nourishment to those in need in Cambodia.


In the fall of 2010 thousands of XANGO Meal Packs were distributed in Monterrey and Veracruz Mexico in response to terrible flooding in those areas. Affected residents received Meal Pack along with other disaster relief supplies. The nutritious and easy to prepare meal replacement has been an important asset in helping victims recover from destruction caused by the flooding.


Meal Packs have been distributed to the Philippines to victims displaced by Typhoon Megi. In October 2010 Isabela province in the Philippines was hit by Megi, a category 5 typhoon. In preparation for the oncoming storm local government and military evacuated residents from the low lands of Luzon saving them from death and injury but the typhoon caused large-scale destruction of rice fields resulting in greatly diminished food supplies. Typhoon victims taking refuge in Americare’s evacuation centers benefited greatly from the timely donation of XANGO Meal Pack.


In September of 2010 The Order of Malta in Nicaragua received XANGO Meal Pack to support the organization’s ongoing work of addressing malnutrition in children, pregnant women and the elderly living in impoverished areas of the community. Meal Pack was distributed to families through schools and churches, to elderly residents in nursing homes and to malnourished children in a number of rural communities.