Glimpse™ Serum is a weightless solution featuring a full concentration of phytonutrient-rich BioActive X3 Complex™. Suitable for all skin types, Glimpse Serum re-energizes and nourishes your skin with a host of highly active botanicals, trace minerals and vitamins.

Directions: Shake well. Gently smooth over face and neck.

With over 30 times the antioxidant activity of green tea*, BioActive X3 Complex™ is combined with supportive botanicals to provide responsive, bioavailable topical nutrition developed to remind skin cells to behave young again. Newly energized skin responds with improved clarity, luminosity and increased cell turnover for firmness and elasticity. Glimpse Serum provides visible improvement from the signs of aging while reinforcing your skin’s natural defenses.

* Japan Food Research Laboratories

Features and Benefits

A combination of performance-based botanical ingredients increases skin’s energy levels and stimulates cell renewal.
Assists the skin to behave younger, energized, radiant, firm and healthy looking.
Helps overcome visible signs of aging, uneven clarity, unrefined texture, and sluggish tone.
BioActive X3 Complex offers a powerful blend of phytonutrients that work cooperatively to control inflammation and deliver optimal skin nutrition.
Our clean, green formula contains no harsh chemicals or potentially harmful absorption enhancers, including glycols, alcohols or silicones that could harm skin and compromise its natural defenses.
Key Ingredients

BioActive X3 Complex: A true triple-treatment for your skin, it delivers optimal topical nutrition and provides visible benefits to your skin. Includes mangosteen pericarp oil, mangosteen polymeric complex and mangosteen acidic complex.
Mangosteen-Infused Pure Water: Rich in phytonutrients, it enhances the ingredient activity within BioActive X3 Complex.
Microalgae Extract: Increases skin’s energy levels, resulting in a more luminous and radiant skin tone.
Niacinamide: Calms the visible signs of inflammation while stimulating healthy cell renewal. Calmer skin results in better moisture retention and a brighter complexion.
Glucosamine: Supports skin’s intercellular matrix for a firm, youthful appearance.
D-Gamma Tocopherol (natural vitamin E): Effectively lightens and brightens skin and provides antioxidant protection.