Sales Tools

XANGO and XANGO Distributors walk hand in hand. We may play different roles, but we have the same goals. And, when it comes to meeting and surpassing goals, this industry has never known a better tandem.

Our distributors work with a tireless zeal, day in and day out. We notice. Out of appreciation and out of dedication, we work to make your work simpler and more effective. We have taken upon ourselves the responsibility of creating time-and energy-saving inventions for our distributors. Your time and life are as valuable to us as we know they are to you.

XANGO tools range from enthralling A/V productions to professional print publications to organizational solutions. The XANGO tools team draws from marketers, legal counsel, operations, production, executives and customer service to foresee and clear up every possible hiccup in a distributor’s business through instructions, aids, advice, motivation and information.

The same unmistakable message, heralded by the same unmistakable brand, always precedes the same unmistakable products across the map. XANGO becomes immediately recognizable through the consistency and quality of its sales tools; and, if a problem does arise, our distributors know exactly where to turn for the XANGO tools to fix it and forget about it.

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