Network Marketing

Network Marketing—also Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing—is the most powerful system of free enterprise in our modern world, and it is the business model that XANGO chose from the beginning.

The personal freedom, human connections and self-empowerment that it offers make it the natural choice for educating and sharing our premier mangosteen products.

Today, XANGO stands as the poster child for modern MLM done right—upfront in its dealings and unparalleled in its products. Network Marketing is a product of steady evolution, outgrowing earlier business models by eliminating middlemen, resellers and the associated price markups. By unifying the manufacturer with the marketer, Multi-Level Marketing ensures that no disagreements or miscommunications have place to bring a business down.

Much of the success of MLM comes from its versatility—it is an entrepreneurial business model that is well suited to cover a vast array of industries and cultures. XANGO has taken full advantage of its versatility by custom fitting a clear-channel, direct-sales company that owns the industry’s most evenhanded compensation plan—uniformly partnering the corporate arm with the distributor arm 50/50.

A History of Health

The historical connection between multi-level marketing and nutritional products dates back over most of the 20th century, with most major product breakthroughs in the health and wellness industry being developed by MLM companies.

XANGO continues that fine tradition—a tradition that XANGO Founders/brothers Joe and Gordon Morton grew up with. Their parents were humble grassroots pioneers in the wellness and direct sales worlds, showing respect to nature’s healing and helping powers, and to the efficacy of honest, word-of-mouth marketing. Joe and Gordon chose the MLM model for XANGO simply because there is no better way to educate the masses on something new than network marketing—people talking to people. XANGO has an amazing story, and the best way to tell that story is face to face. That’s what you get with network marketing.

XANGO distributors act as independent contractors, but with the express advantage of owning the network.