Myxango office

MYXANGO OFFICE is the online equivalent of a heavy-duty power tool. This constructive piece of XANGO equipment helps you develop and grow your XANGO business thoroughly, yet with speed and convenience. Oh, and this stock model? Totally free to all XANGO distributors.

MYXANGO OFFICE Basic (free) Features

Shopping Cart: Buy your XANGO™ Juice or Glimpse™ skin care products—and the sales tools that you deem necessary for your business—quickly and securely.

Enrolling New Distributors: New distributor enrollment, through MYXANGO, becomes the unhindered process it was always meant to be. Select any XANGO market and you’re presented with the corresponding application.

Corporate Connection: MYXANGO feeds you the latest content from the XANGO corporate offices. Here you will find informative and instructive articles to keep you in the know and on the go.

Running Reports: All your numbers are computed for you, then presented in a helpful list. A wide range of data specific to your business’s success is available through MYXANGO. Find your favorite reports out of the bunch:

Downline Report—Get detailed information on everyone in your organization.
Status Report—See the big picture. Track the growth of your organization worldwide.
Commission Register—Check out where your commissions are coming from.
Production Report—View exactly how well each level in your group is producing.
ADP Payment Status Report—Find which ADP orders in your group are paid, awaiting funds or on hold.
Cancelled ADP Report—This report will tell you who’s cancelled their ADP.
Watch List—Establish a focused list of individuals so their status is always on hand.
Order Package Tracking—Know where your shipments are and what they’re doing.
MYXANGO OFFICE Premium Features

All of the features above are free to all distributors to help them build their XANGO business. MYXANGO OFFICE Premium offers additional applications and tools that will launch you from your reports straight into action. And action gives way to results.
WebMeetings: You’ll have the ability to hold meetings online, uploading PowerPoint presentations and meeting notes for your downline’s viewing and learning pleasure—when it’s most convenient for them.

Televox Messaging System: Record your own personal messages—be it upcoming meetings or news updates—and have them available to your downline, online or by phone.

E-Mail Broadcasting: This is the way to send out organization-wide announcements or notes to custom groups. Handpick a group or cover your entire downline. This timesaver also saves you from forgetting anyone.

Holding Tank: Need some time to think? When you sponsor a new distributor they will be sent to your holding tank. From that point you have 7 days to place them wherever you would like in your downline.

Premium Website: A web presence that recruits 24/7. With a premium replicated site, you have a go-to destination for potential distributors where they can learn more about the product, investigate the business, buy a bottle of Juice and enroll in your organization.