Modern Science

Modern science is only now beginning to understand and explain why the rind of the mangosteen fruit has been so revered for centuries. However, we do know this: to benefit from the complete power and nutritional impact of the mangosteen fruit, it should be consumed just as it has been for more than a thousand years—in its whole fruit form.

As early as 1933, studies were conducted to compare the whole fruit to single compound extracts taken from the rind. Consumption of the whole mangosteen rind delivers benefits far superior to chemical extracts from that same rind.

Ongoing research continues to find valuable properties and several active phytochemicals have already been identified in the fruit, including:

39 different xanthones – These powerful phytonutrients demonstrate unique and valuable nutritional properties.
catechins – The mangosteen rind has been shown to have the same level of this active ingredient as found in green tea.
proanthocyanidins – The same benefit touted in grapeseed extract, proanthocyanidins are found in efficacious amounts in the whole mangosteen fruit.
While scientific researchers are still working to demonstrate how these phytochemicals work together synergistically, the phytonutrients found in the whole fruit are among the most studied, touted and beneficial in existence today. This much is certain: extracts can never match the incredible spectrum of benefits available in the honored mangosteen fruit.