There are too many lifestyles out there that just don’t do justice to the term. Either it’s all style with no real life, or signs of life with no sense of style. The first lesson that XANGO teaches is that life and style are not mutually exclusive.

Life is not meant to be a checklist of things we don’t want to do. And style is not just a superfluous fancy for those who can afford it. Life is a time to learn, to know and to love. Style is a signature, an ingredient in enjoyment and something that brings personal satisfaction. XANGO offers a proprietary blend of the two.

We think you should live for Monday as well as Friday. Now, XANGO distributors are the hardest working entrepreneurs you’ll meet—but for some reason, Thursday mornings justify as much celebration as Saturday nights. It might be that they love what they do. It might be that XANGO products put a bounce in their step. Or it might have something to do with having the best boss in town—yourself. That’s right. With the entrepreneurial freedom to take control and define the future, you make the rules, you call the shots, you take the credit.