Our distributors can attest to the fact that XANGO has a healthy glow, honest appeal, instinctive allure and an inviting air. A little something that attracts and even demands attention.

Something brought you to XANGO—whether it was your intense market research, sharp intuition or plain old curiosity. There was an attraction. There still is. So when you go looking for XANGO leads, think back to what brought you in.

The first attraction in consumer business is the product—the XANGO product line has enough health history and cooperative variety to generate its own XANGO leads. It simply needs to be shared. People will recognize the great good of our mangosteen products on their own, if they can just get it into their systems. Give samples, bottles, boxes and—if you’re up to it—cases. Giving gets XANGO leads.

Any individual who uses XANGO products will generate general curiosity or even genuine interest within their circle. If you have sponsored anyone that partakes but does not distribute, try asking for referrals when their friends want to know more. They will stir up a few XANGO leads, and possibly decide they would like to distribute as well.

However you meet them, treat all your XANGO leads with respect and sincere interest. In other words, remember that leads are people.