Joe’s Story

Some people spend their whole lives looking for something: for health, for innovation, for freedom. Others happen upon an opportunity by accident. For most of us, it’s a sublime combination of diligence and chance-years of exploration-which lead to a singular, defining discovery.

Joe Morton was living in Asia when he happened upon the mangosteen, almost by accident. While dining at an open-air cafe, Joe was offered the local delicacy, a fruit he’d never before seen or tasted: the mangosteen. The fruit seemed to melt in his mouth, a blend of flavors that defied description. Sweet but not overwhelming with a touch of citrus, it was a fusion of tropical delights.

With the sensational flavor of the succulent white fruit still lingering, Joe started digging for information, and answers arrived in piles. Touted for its traditional properties, the mangosteen had been used for centuries by indigenous peoples and regional cultures. Anciently the rind was ground to craft poultices and brew teas. Almost sleeplessly attracted to its rare power, Joe immediately recognized the potential of the mangosteen fruit.

All through his childhood, Joe’s father oversaw the Canadian operations of a major nutritional supplement company and his mother owned an herbal remedy store. He had seen groundbreaking products before and realized that the next revolution was just around the corner.

He contacted the men who would become the founders of XANGO, LLC. They referenced decades of mangosteen studies to evolve their vision into a singular beverage. Page after page of research detailed the benefits of the whole mangosteen fruit. The facts were overwhelming.

Integrating whole-fruit nutritional benefits and unmatched taste, the company unleashed the proprietary formula of XANGO™ Juice. This flagship product opened a gaping market that the world was more than ready for. Offering all that the pure mangosteen has to offer-including its legendary flavor-in a refreshing beverage, XANGO Juice single-handedly unlocked the premier opportunity of its time.