Gordon Morton

hampion for the needy, enemy to the ordinary, and passionate pop-culture fanatic. A man most comfortable with a microphone in his hand and an audience in his sights.

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Gordon Morton
Vibrant and magnanimous, Gordon Morton’s greatest strength is lifting those around him to new heights.

Seeing the unique opportunity that the mangosteen presented, Gordon Morton joined his brother Joe in founding XANGO. An experienced, one-time direct sales distributor, Gordon created XANGO’s compensation plan—as generous as it is ingenious—along with the XANGO Goodness philanthropic program. Like the name “XANGO”? That came from Gordon, too.

Growing up in a family dedicated to natural products, Gordon studied the industry’s marketing evolution from an early age. Following in his father’s footsteps, Gordon decided to turn his natural interest into a profession. He does what he does so well because wellness is his passion first, his job second.

His earliest experiences in marketing and direct sales date back to his graduation from Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Gordon went on to lead marketing efforts for three organizations before entering direct sales as a distributor, where he ranked as that company’s No. 1 distributor for several years. He then moved on to executive management for a natural health supplements company as the director of global sales, retention and recruiting.

Gordon has guided XANGO to its current state as a thriving, giving, category-creating company that spans the globe. An avid skier and member of the community counsel for Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake team, Gordon and his wife, Rachel, are devoted parents of three.