Customer Connect

Designed to motivate and compensate, the Customer Connect program serves the interests of all XANGO Distributors and customers.

The Customer Connect program is a category-creating system that gives XANGO Distributors the opportunity to earn a new weekly payout called the Customer Connect PowerStart. A reward for referring retail customers and preferred customers, this unique outlet for additional XANGO earnings connects Distributor organizations to their customers in a more meaningful way.

With the Customer Connect program, the volume on every customer order will be paid out to Distributors in the sponsor tree at the following percentages:

1st upline Distributor with 100PV 20%
2nd upline Distributor with 200PV ADP 5%
3rd upline Distributor with 200PV ADP 5%
4th upline Distributor with 200PV ADP 5%
5th upline Distributor with 200PV ADP 5%
Global Bonus Pool 5%
1K iBonus Global Pool 1%
5K iBonus Global Pool 1%
20K iBonus Global Pool 1%
500k Pool 2%

This program does more than involve customers in the earnings of Distributors—it offers strategic organizational support to Distributors building a business:

Distributors at the 1K rank or higher can transfer current-month volume from personally sponsored customers to other accounts in the downline… a convenient way to assist the Distributors in your group with qualifying volume!

Increase your check with Customer Connect PowerStart, and secure your organization’s qualifications with volume versatility!

Click here to download the Customer Connect PDF.