Complete System

The Glimpse™ Complete System features all six Glimpse Skin Care formulas and addresses your skin’s varying daily needs by providing comprehensive skin nutrition. With daily use, BioActive X3 Complex™ soothes and calms the skin, promotes natural luminosity, helps overcome the visible signs of aging and the oxidizing effects of free radicals. Your skin will feel vibrant, healthy and renewed.

Glimpse works by reinforcing your skin’s natural defenses. Through the nutritional power of mangosteen, skin appears clearer, brighter and more radiant. Working together, BioActive X3 Complex with additional pure and natural botanicals combine to warm skin cells assisting in natural collagen production, relieve the appearance of redness and inflammation, and safeguard the skin from various environmental conditions. The result: firm, luminous and healthy-looking skin.

Features and Benefits:

Addresses your skin’s changing demands for beneficial topical nutrition
Soothes and calms the skin promoting natural luminosity
Provides dynamic visible results and sustainable long-term benefits
Stimulates cellular energy to strengthen the skin matrix
Offers a comprehensive regimen to meet your skin’s changing needs
Saturates the skin with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and other essential phytonutrients
The Complete System contains the following products:

Step 1 – Creamy Cleanser & Gel Cleanser
Step 2 – Toner
Step 3 – Serum
Step 4 – Moisturizing Cream & Moisturizing Lotion