Company FAQ

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What is XANGO, LLC?
What products does XANGO sell?
How do I purchase XANGO products?
Can I purchase XANGO products without being a Distributor?
Why does XANGO use network marketing to distribute its product?
What are the benefits of being a XANGO independent Distributor?
What accredited associations does XANGO belong to?
How can I contact the company?
Where are XANGO’s corporate headquarters?
Can I visit the XANGO headquarters?
In what markets is XANGO open for business?
What charities does XANGO support?
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Product FAQ
Please click on the following links to download and read the “Frequently Asked Questions” for each XANGO product:

Glimpse Topical Skin Nutrition FAQ
Juni FAQ
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What constitutes a XANGO Distributor?
How can I become a XANGO Distributor?
Is it expensive to own an independent XANGO Distributorship?
What do I get when I sign up and pay the membership fee?
How much money can I make as a XANGO Distributor?
How does the compensation plan work?
How much is paid out on each order?
What is PowerStart, Unilevel and Global Bonus?
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Distributorship FAQ
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What is the Automatic Delivery Program?
How can I make changes to my ADP?
How do I place a product order as a XANGO Distributor?
What is XANGO’s policy with respect to collecting and remitting sales tax?
What is the difference between a Distributor account and a customer account?
If the account is changed to a Customer account, can I sign up again with a different sponsor/placement?
After my account has changed to a customer, can I just pay my renewal fee and get my Distributorship back?
How do I renew my Distributorship?
Will the company bill me automatically?
If I don’t renew my Distributorship, what will happen?
Why is my renewal fee charged tax?
Will the company notify me when my renewal fee is up?
Is there a grace period from when my fee is due to when I get moved to a retail customer?
How will the company contact me if I change my email address and I forget to contact the company?