Bryan Davis

Diplomacy is an art in any industry. In network marketing, it reigns as an asset in international expansion, cultivating influential advocates and connecting leaders across continents. XANGO Founder Bryan Davis brings a lifelong passion for building relationships—and the gift of diplomacy—to the foundation and the future of one of the most celebrated brands in direct sales history.

As one of six XANGO Founders, Bryan’s expertise in legal, human resources and government affairs served as building blocks in launching the enterprise. A seasoned attorney, he played a key role in guiding XANGO through the regulatory landscape and a maze of intellectual property hurdles in its early years. Having Bryan’s expertise in-house empowered XANGO to gain an exclusive foothold in the global mangosteen marketplace and cemented its category-creating status.

Bryan is always connecting with leaders at every level and giving them the structure and resources to succeed. To that end, he travels extensively to XANGO’s 30-plus countries, serving as an ambassador for the brand, meeting with Distributors and honoring the culture of every market. Fostering understanding of XANGO and the business of network marketing, Bryan invests in open dialogue with dignitaries, regulatory officials and trade representatives in the company’s current and prospective markets around the globe.

Before founding XANGO, Bryan earned his Juris Doctorate, owned a private law practice and served as director of legal services for a large, multinational firm. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys boating, fishing and snowmobiling with his wife, Darlene, and their five children. Active in his Utah community, Bryan serves at the helm of local charities and sits on the board of the World Trade Center Utah.