BioActive X3 Complex

BioActive X3 Complex™ In-Vitro Study

Comprised of three, patent-pending exclusive ingredients derived from deep within the fruit’s nutrient-rich pericarp, BioActive X3 Complex provides a performance-driven, xanthone-rich complex to nourish and revitalize your skin. BioActive X3 Complex is derived from the mangosteen fruit through an advanced and customized biofermentation process. Exclusive to Glimpse, this biofermentation process amplifies the purity, potency and cellular-level energy of BioActive X3 delivering optimal skin health.

Glimpse products are carefully formulated with unique and scientifically studied levels of BioActive X3 Complex to provide maximum results. These three novel, xanthone-rich complexes are pure, fresh and active-working in a careful and synergistic balance to deliver energized, refreshed and healthy skin.

BioActive X3 Complex has been shown in third party analysis and in-vitro studies to:

1. Soothe the skin under various environmental conditions.
2. Promote cell turn-over.
3. Safeguard your skin against environmental stressors.
BioActive X3 Complex demonstrates significantly higher antioxidant activities compared to green tea and other cosmetic ingredients.

Source: Japan Food Research Laboratories, 2008