Aaron Garrity

Aaron Garrity, Founder/ChairmanIn a few short years, Aaron Garrity has become an inspiration to creative entrepreneurs worldwide. His many accomplishments are that much more impressive as they took place during a difficult economic environment.

Recognized in a Harvard Business Review study as an enterprising innovator along with top executives at Amazon, PayPal and eBay, Aaron Garrity has invested his career as a socially conscious entrepreneur, building a billion-dollar brand and creating jobs and opportunity, especially in times and areas of economic stress.

With the U.S. mired in a 2002 recession, Garrity and his partners founded XANGO, a category-creating company, and became the first to bring the coveted mangosteen fruit to the global marketplace.

Under Aaron’s leadership as chairman, president and CEO, XANGO became a story of unprecedented success and innovation in the direct sales industry, setting new standards of excellence for distributor compensation, communications and use of technology.

Within 6 years, XANGO achieved status as a recognized global direct sales and nutrition brand with over a billion dollars in sales and more than one million independent distributors in over 30 international markets.

Known for his constant drive amidst skyrocketing success, Aaron simultaneously earned an MBA and a Juris Doctorate while managing product launches that reached millions in sales for a large multi-national nutrition company.

Ernst & Young honored Garrity as a corporate, culture and career architect with its 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Utah Business magazine named him CEO of the Year in 2008, noting his achievements in fostering a workplace of service, creativity and leadership at every level.

Garrity sits on the CEO council for WFDSA and the board of directors of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). In 2009, he was named one of the “most influential people in direct sales” just days after ringing the bell on the floor of the NYSE with other industry CEOs. In 2011, at the request of the DSA Board, Garrity agreed to serve as the chairman of member services, overseeing new DSA member applications, ensuring appropriate activity by current member companies and seeking to grow the roster of companies that follow best business practices and ethics.

Aaron has continued to innovate and support new ventures both privately and through Blink Tank, an incubator he created for aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their start-up ideas.

In the midst of the most recent economic downturn, Aaron Garrity has become the iconic hope to the thousands of entrepreneurs who have come to hear him speak as he travels both domestically and internationally supporting private initiatives in the worldwide marketplace.