Top trends in basement design for 2018

Basements were always considered an unused space. But homeowners have started showing interest for basement renovation Richmond Hill as it can be put to good use and even add value to their home. Basement remodeling is usually done to add storage or an extra bedroom. Basements are often turned into game rooms, home theatres, and personal collection space.

Richmond Hill Basement Renovations

Some of the hottest trends for basement finishing in cities like Richmond Hill are listed below.

  1. Open Concept

Open concept has always been an important part of home design. An open concept layout tears down walls to create barrier-free spaces that allow anyone to pass from one area to another. Open concept basement renovation Richmond Hill design can help create a multi-purpose space in the basement which opens to each other, be it game room to the bar area or from the family sitting area in the theatre room. The only downside is the lack of privacy. This can be a hindrance for adding a man or woman cave or a personal office.

  1. Extension of Your Home

Extending basement as a part of the upstairs help in using as a family game area, a wine cellar and many more. This can easily boost the value of the home per square footage. Basement finishing can help potential buyers realize it as an extra living space that is like the main living area.

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  1. Enclosed and Open TV Spaces

Homeowners in cities like Richmond Hill have two options for a basement media room. Either an enclosed theatre room or an open TV space. A theatre room is for the real movie buffs and has enclosed walls, reclining seats, a projection screen, surround sound and LED floor lighting. On the other hand, an open TV space is more casual and cost-effective to set up. It is more like another living room.

  1. Suites

Basement finishing in homes in cities like Richmond Hill can help create an extra bedroom for guests. Full guest suites can be designed as per your budget and available basement space. A suite includes a bedroom and a bathroom. For a large basement renovation Richmond Hill, a full suite with a living room, kitchenette, multiple bedrooms, and bathrooms can be added.

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  1. Music Room

If you love music, a basement finishing based on a music room can be designed based on your needs and budget. The basement renovation Richmond Hill can be soundproofed for practice and used for jam sessions. It will also require power outlets, lighting and seating area for friends and family.

  1. Sports Room

Basement finishing based on sports rooms is getting popular as you get privacy. A large basement renovation Richmond Hill can be remodeled for a large group of friends and family. For a great experience, multiple televisions and sound system can be installed. A bar area or a gaming area can be added along with a kitchenette which will save the effort of going upstairs.

  1. Home Brewery or Mini Pub

Basement finishing in cities like Richmond Hill can help design a brewery for making craft beers. It can be modeled as a personal mini-pub. It will need lighting, seating and sound system for a great experience.