Save Energy & Reduce Sound Without Replacing Your Windows

Windows are generally the greatest conductor of noise in a building due to the properties of glass. Train tracks, airfield or busy highways can have a detrimental effect your quality of life due to the noise pollution.

In cities like Hamilton, people love ice hockey and won’t mind a noisy but cheerful game of the Maple Leafs. But at night, noise can hamper a peaceful sleep which can affect health. Due to the property of noise conduction of glass present in windows and doors Hamilton of houses, there can be serious impact on comfort, property value and health.

Retrofit double glazing of glass windows and doors is one of the easiest and affordable ways to solve noise related issues for homes in cities like Hamilton. Some of the top benefits are listed below.

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  1. Reduction in Energy Bills

The level of disturbance felt by noise varies among individuals. Some major effects due to prolonged noise pollutions are loss of concentration during work, rise in blood pressure, stress hormone secretion, blood vessel contraction (stenosis), digestion problems due to impact on peristalsis, ulcers and many more.

Soundproof Windows reduce noises passing through your glass windows and doors Hamilton. People are hardly aware about the levels of noise that passes through windows due to leakage of air and vibration.

Glass vibrations are almost five times of that acrylic. Installing an acrylic panel on the inside of glass window and door significantly reduces the vibrations.

Similarly, installing air tight magnetic acrylic panel ensures zero air leakage which is tested by the Canadian Standards Association. For any further reduction in the sound, a sound absorption frame on the inside jam of windows and doors Hamilton as well.

Magnetite helps in resolving issues related to sound absorption and sound blocking. Insulating panels can serve as the barrier to external noise. Depending on the size and material of glass windows and door jams, vibrations can be expected through the walls. Acoustic panels installed in behind the magnetite can reduce this effect.

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    2.     Reduction in external noises by 70% 

Glass windows and doors Hamilton are the greatest conductor of noise for homes in cities like Hamilton. Noises transmit through glass windows and doors by

  • Vibrations caused by sounds coming from outside of the buildings which are conducted leading to increased noise inside the home.
  • Windows with leaks and poor sealing, which allows air inside through window joints.

Sound infiltration can be reduced if a window system has minimum air infiltration and is equipped with an insulating air cavity and enough weight to prohibit acoustic vibration.

Solution from Magnetite Canada

A double glazing retrofit system is designed very specifically for interior and secondary systems.  A virgin acrylic grade glazing panel is magnetically attached to the interior of existing glass windows and doors Hamilton.  An airtight cavity is created between the window and the Magnetite system.

The air cavity acts as an insulation buffer which reduces noise transference and seals noise causing air infiltration and drafts.  All products are CSA tested to allow virtually zero air infiltration.