Top trends in basement design for 2018

Basements were always considered an unused space. But homeowners have started showing interest for basement renovation Richmond Hill as it can be put to good use and even add value to their home. Basement remodeling is usually done to add storage or an extra bedroom. Basements are often turned into game rooms, home theatres, and personal collection space.

Richmond Hill Basement Renovations

Some of the hottest trends for basement finishing in cities like Richmond Hill are listed below.

  1. Open Concept

Open concept has always been an important part of home design. An open concept layout tears down walls to create barrier-free spaces that allow anyone to pass from one area to another. Open concept basement renovation Richmond Hill design can help create a multi-purpose space in the basement which opens to each other, be it game room to the bar area or from the family sitting area in the theatre room. The only downside is the lack of privacy. This can be a hindrance for adding a man or woman cave or a personal office.

  1. Extension of Your Home

Extending basement as a part of the upstairs help in using as a family game area, a wine cellar and many more. This can easily boost the value of the home per square footage. Basement finishing can help potential buyers realize it as an extra living space that is like the main living area.

basement renovation richmon hill

  1. Enclosed and Open TV Spaces

Homeowners in cities like Richmond Hill have two options for a basement media room. Either an enclosed theatre room or an open TV space. A theatre room is for the real movie buffs and has enclosed walls, reclining seats, a projection screen, surround sound and LED floor lighting. On the other hand, an open TV space is more casual and cost-effective to set up. It is more like another living room.

  1. Suites

Basement finishing in homes in cities like Richmond Hill can help create an extra bedroom for guests. Full guest suites can be designed as per your budget and available basement space. A suite includes a bedroom and a bathroom. For a large basement renovation Richmond Hill, a full suite with a living room, kitchenette, multiple bedrooms, and bathrooms can be added.

basement renovations in richmond hill

  1. Music Room

If you love music, a basement finishing based on a music room can be designed based on your needs and budget. The basement renovation Richmond Hill can be soundproofed for practice and used for jam sessions. It will also require power outlets, lighting and seating area for friends and family.

  1. Sports Room

Basement finishing based on sports rooms is getting popular as you get privacy. A large basement renovation Richmond Hill can be remodeled for a large group of friends and family. For a great experience, multiple televisions and sound system can be installed. A bar area or a gaming area can be added along with a kitchenette which will save the effort of going upstairs.

  1. Home Brewery or Mini Pub

Basement finishing in cities like Richmond Hill can help design a brewery for making craft beers. It can be modeled as a personal mini-pub. It will need lighting, seating and sound system for a great experience.


Renovate your bathroom with these innovative ideas

Whether it is the construction of a new house or whether it is the remodeling of an old bathroom, the entire process can be stressful. But knowing what to do prior to the renovation, will help in making the process smooth and stress-free. Simply following the tips and ideas given here will help in making the renovation process a lot easier. According to bathroom repair Mississauga, even smaller bathrooms can be made larger with the right renovation techniques.


Identify the cause

First, you have to come to terms with the reason for renovation. Reasons like the family got larger, the old bathroom is boring, the bathroom is small, the entire space is getting rusty and old are the commonly heard reasons. When this happens one needs to determine what sort of bathroom they need. This will also take into account the people who will be using the bathroom and also their physique such as height, age, gender etc. The designing of the tiles, the tubs, etc will have to be decided based on the usage. Apart from this the matter of money also comes in.

The trend

Brampton repair Mississauga says that the bathroom is often considered as the place for luxury, contemplation, and comfort. Hence, if it gets tired, then there is a need for a new trend. One can go to the timber settings. In this the finishing is perfect and the material is strong too. There are plenty of engineered options too. One can go with the stone option too. These days, many people opt for the stone model in brampton repair Mississauga as it even gives an expensive look to the bathroom. Whether it is raw or finished the look is trendy.

brampton bathroom renovation

People even opt for the metallic finishes as it goes well with the hardware and plumbing in the bathroom. It even adds up an earthy look at the end. One other common chosen design at brampton repair Mississauga is the living wall option. This can go up to any low or high end as per the people’s requirement. One can go with a simple rose or go for an entire window full of living plants.

The color and lighting

Many people prefer to choose blue for their bathrooms. This includes the tiles too. A good bright lighting will lighten up the entire space. It will also create an illusion for small bathrooms making it look larger. Lightings can be used to even make a boring wall interesting.

bathroom renovation in brampton


In the case of the shower, it is important to purchase a mixer shower. This way one will not have to experience cold water right at the start. It is ideal to go for the same brand in all accessories. It will help in keeping the shade similar throughout the bathroom. In case of any repairs, one person can fix it all. In case the bathroom has minimal space on should make sure the toilet has an in-wall cistern. This will save the space of the water tank.



Save Energy & Reduce Sound Without Replacing Your Windows

Windows are generally the greatest conductor of noise in a building due to the properties of glass. Train tracks, airfield or busy highways can have a detrimental effect your quality of life due to the noise pollution.

In cities like Hamilton, people love ice hockey and won’t mind a noisy but cheerful game of the Maple Leafs. But at night, noise can hamper a peaceful sleep which can affect health. Due to the property of noise conduction of glass present in windows and doors Hamilton of houses, there can be serious impact on comfort, property value and health.

Retrofit double glazing of glass windows and doors is one of the easiest and affordable ways to solve noise related issues for homes in cities like Hamilton. Some of the top benefits are listed below.

windows and doors hamilton

  1. Reduction in Energy Bills

The level of disturbance felt by noise varies among individuals. Some major effects due to prolonged noise pollutions are loss of concentration during work, rise in blood pressure, stress hormone secretion, blood vessel contraction (stenosis), digestion problems due to impact on peristalsis, ulcers and many more.

Soundproof Windows reduce noises passing through your glass windows and doors Hamilton. People are hardly aware about the levels of noise that passes through windows due to leakage of air and vibration.

Glass vibrations are almost five times of that acrylic. Installing an acrylic panel on the inside of glass window and door significantly reduces the vibrations.

Similarly, installing air tight magnetic acrylic panel ensures zero air leakage which is tested by the Canadian Standards Association. For any further reduction in the sound, a sound absorption frame on the inside jam of windows and doors Hamilton as well.

Magnetite helps in resolving issues related to sound absorption and sound blocking. Insulating panels can serve as the barrier to external noise. Depending on the size and material of glass windows and door jams, vibrations can be expected through the walls. Acoustic panels installed in behind the magnetite can reduce this effect.

hamilton windows and doors

    2.     Reduction in external noises by 70% 

Glass windows and doors Hamilton are the greatest conductor of noise for homes in cities like Hamilton. Noises transmit through glass windows and doors by

  • Vibrations caused by sounds coming from outside of the buildings which are conducted leading to increased noise inside the home.
  • Windows with leaks and poor sealing, which allows air inside through window joints.

Sound infiltration can be reduced if a window system has minimum air infiltration and is equipped with an insulating air cavity and enough weight to prohibit acoustic vibration.

Solution from Magnetite Canada

A double glazing retrofit system is designed very specifically for interior and secondary systems.  A virgin acrylic grade glazing panel is magnetically attached to the interior of existing glass windows and doors Hamilton.  An airtight cavity is created between the window and the Magnetite system.

The air cavity acts as an insulation buffer which reduces noise transference and seals noise causing air infiltration and drafts.  All products are CSA tested to allow virtually zero air infiltration.

Plastic Coil and Spiral Binding: Differences

A very common question is the difference between plastic coil and spiral bindings. Many people can’t decide which one is best suited for their work so we are here to help you out a little:

What is wire binding?

It is a form or type of way to bind documents, papers, and pages together. It is available in a variety of colors and wire lengths.

plastic and coil spiral bindings


When is it used?

Wire binding gives a more professional look when compared to plastic and coil spiral bindings since it is made up of metal. For this reason, it is used in more formal and professional settings.

What is it used for?

It is also known as ‘wire-o binding’ and there are two types of it:

  • Double loop wire binding
  • Wire Comb binding

What is spiral binding?

It is the process of binding up pages together using a plastic coil or wire. These coils are inserted into the holes which are made along the edge of the paper. They come in a variety of colors too and is very effective for projects which need a binding of up to 300 pages.

What is it used for?

It is used for booklets and forms of catalogs which need to be laid flat because they need to be referred to very often.

Is it better than wire binding?

While spiral binding may not look aesthetically appealing or as professional looking like wire binding, but it is certainly a lot more durable, especially if you need to frequently refer to the catalog or booklet. The pages will not tear easy at all.

plastic and coil spiral bindings

So, What’s the difference between plastic coil and spiral bindings?

The difference between the two is the type of binding which is being used to put the pages of a document together. It all comes down to:

The difference between wire and spiral binding then is the type of binding used to put the documents together. Many people that look for printing services aren’t sure of the difference between wire and spiral binding, but then it comes down to:

  • Spiral binding makes use of a plastic coil and spiral bindings.
  • Wire binding uses a metal wire for binding.

plastic and coil spiral bindings

How will know which one to use when?

A simple solution is by determining the kind of binding you will need for the task. Like whether the document is for formal use or for everyday use. In case of formal go for wire and for reference, users opt for spiral binding. There are some more points to be kept in mind:

  • Wire bindings aren’t flexible like Plastic Coil and spiral bindings ones so that should be another point kept in mind while going for a type.
  • Spiral binding is easier to open or discard if the need arises, it is difficult to do in cases of wire binding.

Make sure to give the thought carefully before going for either one because choosing the wrong binding style can potentially end up damaging your work in the long run.